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I’m very excited that my panel for the Samuel Richardson Society will be included at the 2015 ASECS Annual Meeting in LA! Proposal below. “New Directions in Epistolary Studies” (Roundtable) (Samuel Richardson Society) Rachael Scarborough King, Dept. of English, U. of California, Santa Barbara, Mail Code 3170, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-3170; Tel: (646) 508-4162; E-mail: … Continue reading

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Letters vs. historians

The New York Times had an article today on the planned publication of Robert Frost’s letters, arguing that the forthcoming volumes “could soften a battered image” and re-humanize Frost. The article sets up a familiar dynamic, pitting the biographers offering “their” versions of Frost’s life against the letters, which, the article assumes, will show the “real” … Continue reading


‘Speeding up the Ent-like conversation’

Among the many great points Ted Underwood makes in his recent blog response to Franco Moretti’s latest work, I wanted to flag his brief opening observation about the Internet’s effects on scholarly interaction. “If the Internet is good for anything,” he writes, “it’s good for speeding up the Ent-like conversation between articles, to make that … Continue reading


The digital-manuscript Dickinson

The Emily Dickinson Archive is the latest digital humanities project featured in The New York Times, and the latest to offer a more intimate connection with an author through images of letters, manuscripts, and other examples of handwriting. The site performs an incredible service in breaking down the institutional barriers between archives that can stymie scholarly … Continue reading