Academia / Media & Technology

Close-reading code

I spent the past week at the Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, learning (among other things) how to use the Text Encoding Initiative guidelines to create digital editions of manuscript documents. I practiced on a set of seventeenth-century manuscript newsletters from the Bodleian Library’s Carte collection, which I … Continue reading

Journalism / Media & Technology

In defense of recaps

David Simon demonstrated a pretty fundamental misunderstanding of the narrative form in which he operates when he came out against the now-ubiquitous phenomenon of weekly TV recapping. Simon argues about recappers, “They don’t know what we’re building. And by the way, that’s true for the people who say we’re great. They don’t know. It doesn’t … Continue reading

Conferences / Media & Technology

The language of crisis

Fascinating conference today and yesterday at Yale Law School on new media, journalism and economic models for the future. A combination of the usual suspects (Clay Shirky, Jeff Jarvis, Steve Brill) and a variety of journalists, law professors, economists, sociologists … One of the great things the conference is doing is enacting its precepts with a live … Continue reading